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This article is written by Jeppe van der Lee, founder of BrightAhead. Mission: a stronger connection between people and nature globally.

Bright Thinking

By: Jeppe van der Lee

On: 25/01/2024

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One can drastically change their reality by switching their focus from the common narrative

The Green Wall

It is mid-summer when I go for a walk in a beautiful forest-park filled with spring blossoms and chirping birds. I suddenly hit a ‘green wall’. Numerous branches form arches that create a ‘green tunnel’. Bright summer is at the end of the tunnel and hence I try to get through as quickly as possible. I repeat the phrase, "there is always light at the end of the tunnel", to myself while I continue on. While passing by I notice the beauty of the tunnel itself. Light falls through the leaves and white blossoms are snowing down on the rhythm of the wind. The journey through the tunnel suddenly opens new perspectives to me. What if life itself can be seen as such a bright tunnel? I suddenly perceive the enormous potential of relaying our focus on the beauty of the journey itself.

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Are we there yet?

One can drastically change their reality by switching their focus from the common narrative. In western society it is seen as normal to achieve a ‘civilized’ way of living. I classify the western focus roughly in three fundamentals: 1. achieving a succesfull career, 2. achieving wealth, 3. achieving prestige and status including marriage and materialistic outcomes. Those topics make perfect sense when it comes to basic life requirements. We definitely need an income and a roof over our head, not to mention the positive effects of relationships on our wellbeing and mental health. However, besides these essentials, all three topics are focused on achievements over several decades. Simply, this means that one would not have a fulfilled life, until up to at least their thirties. This way of thinking puts tremendous pressure on new generations, trying to find their way. Even more, this way of thinking frames life as a tunnel you will need to pass through spanning decades of your life. Now what instead?

Bright Tunnel Thinking

Instead, I propose Bright Tunnel Thinking. Just realize the potential to enjoy and appreciate the simplicity of life itself. To trust what comes up to the path of life. And see the journey as an ultimate aim itself. In this sense life is very similar to travelling: it’s not about reaching the point of destination, but about the journey itself. Most catching experiences during travels happen unexpectedly. Exactly those moments will paint the world you look at with a different color. The destination itself may be impressive. However, the destination is formed and colored by past experiences.

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A timeless perspective

Nonetheless, setting a mission and a vision for yourself can help tremendously to bring purpose in your life. However, it should never be a life goal itself. The bright tunnel won’t come to a halt when you have reached ‘your point of destination’. In fact, the tunnel will remain bright with new footsteps following its path continuing what you have started.

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